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Heat Waves and Hobbit Wishes by Dreamflower

Author: Dreamflower
Title: Heat Waves and Hobbit Wishes
Rating: G
Theme: Some like it hot
Elements: 333 words for a Fixed-Length-Ficlet
Author's Notes: This story came in at 491 words. I had to cut 158 words.
Summary: Minas Tirith is really hot in the summer; Pippin has a plan
Word Count: 333

Heat Waves and Hobbit Wishes

"My lord Steward?"

Faramir looked up at the Citadel's chamberlain, who appeared anxious.

"Yes, Ondahil? Is there a problem?"

"I am not certain, Lord Faramir. The Ernil i Pheriannath made a request of me..." His voice trailed off at the Steward's direct look.

Faramir shook his head. Ondahil was aware of the King's orders regarding the hobbits' wishes. "Is it unreasonable?"

"No, but it is unusual."

Faramir used a tactic favoured by his late father, staring at Ondahil until he explained. Faramir smiled. "So long as it inconveniences no one else, make it so."

Pippin found the other hobbits in the front room of the guesthouse.

Merry tugged at the collar of his shirt. "It's sweltering."

"Well, there's naught to be done about it, Mr. Merry," said Sam.

Frodo sighed. He too found the heat oppressive. The last few days had been miserable, and it was not yet Midsummer!

"Remember that cove in Buckland, where you taught me to swim, Frodo?" Merry added wistfully.

"Are you still going on about the heat?" Pippin entered, his face red, his curls plastered with sweat. "I've something to take your minds off the heat. Come with me to the Citadel? I want to show you something."

Although his companions grumbled, they were not proof against his coaxing. Soon the four were on their way up to the Citadel.

Pippin led them to the bathing rooms.

Frodo said "I agree that we are a rather smelly lot, but I can't see taking a hot bath now."

Pippin grinned, shedding his clothes, dove into the center of the bathing pool. His entry splashed the others.

"The water's cool!" exclaimed Merry.

Soon the three cousins were swimming about joyfully in the cool water, while even Sam sat on the step, up to his shoulders in cool water.

"I thought you loved 'water hot'", laughed Merry as he splashed Pippin.

"I like it hot, but I like it cold as well," crowed Pippin, as he dunked his cousin.
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