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Author; nancylea57
Title:  Post Traumatic in Arnor
Rating: general
Theme:  some like it hot
Element: 206
Summary: An unspecific Gondorian is recuperating in Arnor  after what must have been a rough mission in Harad. 
word count: 206



Post Traumatic in Arnor

By: nancylea57


I walk out of the cave and toward the lake; the sun is just clearing the horizon. The air is crisp and pure, the scent of pine trees heavy in the breeze. Feeling the sweat lift from my skin, I hurry to the pier and dive from the end. Even half a year later, my nine months in Harad haunt me; the touch of sunlight on my skin burns, the very idea of returning to Minas Anor and the long dry streets terrify me; how can I survive without the cool waters of Lake Evendim to purify me? My Lord King is awaiting my return to his service but I still cannot find the courage to dress enough to be in polite society. Just last week I was able to slip on one of the tunics that they leave near the edge of the woods so that I could walk out and greet the rangers who bring me my supplies. A month ago I began to use the linen towels to wrap around my waist when I leave the water, but the act of tying a robe shut can trigger memories and blackouts.

And they say that some like it hot. Arghhhh!

Tags: 2009, challenge: some like it hot, july, month: 2009 july
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