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The Greatest Gift of All by Sivan Shemesh

Author: Sivan Shemesh
Title: The Greatest Gift of All
Theme: Father's Day
Elements: Arwen, daughter of Elrond, in whom it was said that the likeness of Lúthien had come on earth again; and she was called Undómiel, for she was the Evenstar of her people.” (FotR, Bk. 2, Ch. 1, “Many Meetings”)
Author's Notes: Let's just say… tree line can be unique.
Author's Notes2: Thank to my sweet beta and suggestions: Aranel.
Summary: As the war of the rings is over, the king has a special gift for his foster father.
Word Count: 570

The king sighed in relief. He was glad that the war was over and he could be united with his wife; everything seemed to be going well indeed..

Elessar gazed into the beautiful night filled with stars in the sky, breathing the air freely, as though nothing could trouble him now.

Although he hid it from his father, Arwen was pregnant and he feared for the child especially when Elrond had told him that Arwen was dying.

"My king, you must come now!" the guard called for him, panic showing in his face as he tried to ease his breathing.

Elessar turned back in, following his guard. His wife was inside and was about to bring new life through the treasure she would hold in a while.

He was glad though that Elrond still remained with them; it seemed too early for him to leave when Elessar needed him most. True, he was not his natural father, but having taken care of Elessar’s needs all along, Elrond seemed as true a father as he had ever known.

Once the king's feet touched the floor within the palace, he ordered the guard to lead Elrond into the room, where a father should see the greatest gift of all.

Then the king hurried towards the healing room where his wife had been with a healer who tried to calm her down so as not to put either mother or child at risk.

Soon after he reached the room, Elrond followed in with the guard on his tail. He hurried to the other side where Arwen lay and focused his gaze upon her as though speaking. Arwen stared at him, nodded with understanding, and tried to calm herself down.

Then when the moment had come, Elrond was immediately beside the healer. Aragorn hurried over too, both to comfort and to encourage.

The crying of a baby soon reached throughout the palace. Guards stood outside the room, and Elrond could feel a tear of happiness slip from his eyes. This baby was what he had wished for all along; he was a grandfather now – his line joined with the heir of his brother Elros.

Elrond held the baby in his arms, staring at this little treasure, and then he glanced toward the proud parents and asked with curiosity, "What would be his name? I cannot keep calling him a baby, can I?"

Elessar left his wife side to let her rest after delivering the baby into a new world where the war was over, at long last.

"We decided to call him Eldarion – People of the Stars." Aragorn replied, overjoyed at seeing the happiness and sparkle radiate from his foster adar.

"That is a great name for this beautiful child." Elrond smiled, then moved his gaze, locking on the baby who now stared at him and happily wrapped his small hand around his finger.

The End
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