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October Challenge Stories: Myth

The stories for the October Challenge with the theme "Myth" have been posted! We have 6 stories so far, with a few late ones expected. In addition to the theme, each author was assigned a specific fruit to use as an element.

The October Myth Challenge

Yavanna's Gifts by Linda Hoyland Bell Gamgee and her daughters find help from an unexpected sourse in their hour of need.
A Taste from Home by Celeritas Thorongil is surprised when he finds a Northern fruit on the South Seas.
"History Becomes Legend, and Legend Fades into Myth..." - by Larner Not all Bracegirdles are still taciturn, Frodo Gardner learns as he begins a ride to the King's City by accompanying a train of wagons south across the Sarn Ford toward Rohan. Circa the year 35 Fourth Age
Eucatastrophe: A Letter Home by Dreamflower Frodo writes a letter home, and has a story to tell Merry...
A Dragon Tale by Pearl Took Just where did the dragons come from?
The Plum Tree by Golden (Prologue) There's something mysterious about an old tree on the farm Pippin is staying at in the North Farthing.

Remember, all late stories are welcome anytime!
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