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2009 Yule Fic Exchange: Authors Revealed!

The authors can now be revealed for the LotR GFIC Community's 2009 Yule Fic Exchange!

"Marred Gifts" written for Golden (Jana) was authored by Larner bslarner
"Understanding" written for Celeritas Sagittae was authored by Pearl Took pearltook1
"A Yule To Remember" written for Rainbowmist was authored by Cathleen ceshaughnessy
"The Longest Night" written for Rhyselle was authored by Dawn Felagund dawn_felagund(and many thanks to Dawn for pinch-hitting!)
"Coming to an Understanding" written for Larner was authored by Dreamflower dreamflower02
"Winters of Yesterday" written for peregrin_ionad was authored by Golden (Jana)golden80
"What Yule Is All About" written for Cathleen was authored by Rainbowmist
"Elladan in Elvenhome" written for Silver Trails was authored by Rhyselle rhyselle
"The Unexpected" written for Pearl Took was authored by peregrin_ionad aranellaurelote
"To Absent Friends,part 1"
"To Absent Friends,part 1" written for Dreamflower was authored by Celeritas Sagittae labourslamp

We thank everyone who took part in this exchange! And we invite everyone to take part again next year!

The mods

Pearl Took
Dawn Felagund
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