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January Challenge Stories

The January Challenge stories, with the theme “Potluck” have been posted. The Potluck Challenge consists of all the leftover elements from last year’s challenges and each author was invited to choose her own prompts.

The 2010 January Potluck Challenge

Bilbo's Last Song, by Nautika In The Return of the King, Tolkien writes "And the ship went out into the High Sea and passed on into the West". Though no one knows the full story of what followed, here is my take on one special day.

They Might Be Giants, by WendWriter Frodo has a question for his fellow travellers while passing through the Misty Mountains.

Wing-Bone Whistle, by Wormwood_7 Set around the time the last elven ship visited Numenor.

Elf Writing, Part 1, by Celeritas A young boy on the run takes a risk to save something important.

Elf Writing, Part 2, by Celeritas The destruction of a tree brings new life to an old family mystery.

The Light, by Pearl Took The star Sam saw: was it Earendil? What would a star think about going back and forth across the heavens over the generations? Does he realize the hope he gives?

For Better, or For Worse, by Cathleen Pippin and Diamond's new arrival upstages Sancho Proudfoot on his wedding day.

September Days Across the Brandywine ...in which Bilbo has a decision to make.

And the Stars Dimmed, by Anguirel An Avari makes himself known to one of the Second Born.

The Sweetest Song, by Linda Hoyland Arwen ponders her future.

In Darkness, Light, by Nath After the departure of the Fellowship, Galadriel is restless. She looks in the Mirror and finds an unexpected hope.

Night Songs, by Larner Awakened by the song of a bird he'd never heard within the White City, Faramir realizes he is not the only one wakeful and walking in the private gardens of the Citadel under the stars of Midsummer....

Day of the Dove, by Linda Hoyland Imrahil muses on how times have changed.

Learning the Hard Way, by Nautika Faramir smells a rat…or something. What is Gimli’s explanation?

The Nasturtium-Friendship Paradigm, by Traveller Merry experiences a myriad of emotions when Pippin is forced to leave for Minas Tirith, but a gift from a new friend helps him to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We hope you will check out the stories, and let the authors know how you liked them! And authors - remember that late entries are always welcome!
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