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Farewell to Dol Amroth by nautika

Author: nautika
Title: Farewell to Dol Amroth
Rating: K
Theme: Send it by Letter
Elements: A Farewell Letter
Author's Notes: A double drabble.
Summary: Imrahil returns from his daughter's wedding in Rohan to find the following on his desk.
Word Count: 200

My dearest Father,

Welcome home.

I know this will be the first time in a long time that I will not be here in person to greet you. Though I am the one who has moved to a new land, my departure will be more difficult for you than for me. But remember, you have already done the hardest thing. You gave your little girl into the care of another, and rode away.

I suspect you thought of Aunt Finduilas many times in the past weeks. She left Dol Amroth to start a new life and rarely returned before her death. I am not she, Father, and no where could be more different from Minas Tirith than Rohan.

Though I am far from Dol Amroth, my future promises to be full, and I will be with Eomer, who loves me, and whom I love. Elessar and Eomer plan to support each other in all possible ways, and I foresee numerous visits between Rohan and Gondor - including many trips to Dol Amroth.

Know that I love you and miss you, but am as excited about my life with Eomer as Mother was her life with you.

Your loving daughter,
Tags: 2010, challenge: letters, february, month: 2010 february
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