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May 2010 Challenge Stories

The May Challenge stories, with the theme “Tying Up Loose Ends” have been posted. For this challenge authors were to fill a particular gap and participants selected which of the books they wanted their “loose end” to come from.

The 2010 May “Tying Up Loose Ends” Challenge

Pep Talk, by Pearl Took Pippin’s thoughts as he and Sam and Frodo crossed the Shire on the way to Crickhollow.

At the Last It Biteth, by MercurieGalion, the King's former butler, struggles with spiders and wine.

Escaping By the Dozen, by Thundera TigerAfter the Wood-elves capture Thorin and his company, Bilbo seems to be their only hope for escape. And they are more than ready to provide him with many suggestions on how to go about it.

The Most Timid Hobbit, by AntaneWhat happened to Fatty Bolger in the days before the Black Riders attacked Crickhollow after the other hobbits went into the Old Forest?.

Passing Grace, by Virtuella Four children see Galadriel riding up the streets of Edoras. For each of them, it's a different experience.

The One Left Out of the Conspiracy, by LarnerOf those listed as Frodo Baggins's close friends within the Shire, only Folco Boffin appears to have been left out of the conspiracy. How did he feel about the situation, and how did he react to the return of the Travellers?

Little Dogs Laughed, by Dreamflower An adventure that Roverandom had with his boy after the end of the tale.

Silver-gray to Moon-shadow, by Wormwood How Shadowfax came to let Gandalf ride him, despite his initial reluctance.
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