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Icons/banners for This Month's Challenge!

For those of you who are participating in this months July Fixed-Length-Ficlet: Short and Sweet Challenge ,gamgeefest has created a set of adorable icons and banners you can use when you post your story! They can be found here, so help yourself! You can also use them on your own LJ and when you post your stories at Many Paths to Tread!

Many thanks to gamgeefest for creating these! We could still use a few more icon/banner makers!

We look forward to seeing everyone's fixed-length-ficlets revealed. Remember that they are due this coming weekend for reveal on Monday, July 19.

Also: Our Summer Comment Challenge is still going strong right up to the end of the month! We hope some more of you will join in the fun!
Tags: 2010, announcement, challenge: short and sweet, comment challenge, july, month: 2010 july
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