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Monthly Challenges with Individualized Elements!

This is a challenge community for Lord of the Rings Fanfiction and Fanart. We hold fic challenges every month and art challenges every other month. We also accept fanworks based on any of Tolkien's other Arda-based books including, but not limited to, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales, The History of Middle-earth, and The Children of Hurin.

Each month, the fanfiction Challenge will have a common theme, and participating authors will be assigned individualized elements to incorporate into their stories.

Every other month, the art challenge will have a common theme and participating artists may be assigned individualized elements to incorporate into their work. Art may be in any media: traditional, digital, photography, photo-manips, sculpture or other arts or crafts.

To receive your elements, you may e-mail the mods, or you may comment on the post announcing the challenge.


You may post your story at any time before the deadline, as the posts will be moderated, and then unlocked on the date the stories are revealed.

In the subject line place: Story Title by Your Name

Please copy and paste this heading at the top of your story:


Rating: (Ratings from G PG-13 are acceptable. Please see the guidelines at LOTR_Community_GFIC for more specifics)
Theme: (This would be whatever the theme for that month's challenge was.)
Elements: (This would be whatever individual elements were assigned for your story.)
Author's Notes: (Optional)
Word Count:

And tag your story with the month's theme. Tags will be announced with each month's challenge.


You may post your art at any time before the deadline, as the posts will be moderated and then unlocked on the date that the art is revealed. Upload pictures of your project to your favorite photo-sharing site (Photo-bucket, Flickr, LJ scrapbook, etc.), and then post the picture to the community by the deadline.

In the subject line place: Art: Title of Work, by Your Name.
(This is very important—especially putting "Art" in the subject line, as there may also be fanfic in the moderator's queue at the same time.)

Please copy and paste this header at the top of the post:

Artist: Your name
Theme: (Theme for the month)
Element: (Assigned element, if any)
Artist's Notes:

Rules for Both Fanfiction and Fanart:

This Community is affiliated with the Yahoo E-list, LOTR_Community_GFIC, and follows the ratings guidelines of that group, which is quoted below:

"Everyone is welcome to post their work - be it angst, parody, romance, mystery, humor, het, mush or fluff, however we do ask that you follow a few basic guidelines. Stories that include graphic torture, male pregnancy, or incestuous relationships are NOT allowed. We DO allow mild slash and references to pairings, but no graphic scenes, whether it be slash or het or violence. Ratings may range from "G" to "PG-13" - please be sure to include your rating in the Header, particularly if it's greater than "G"! If in doubt regarding the rating of your fic please contact a moderator for assistance."

Other rules:

Stories and/or art should be placed behind an LJ cut; the code for the cut is incorporated in the header if you use HTML. You will have to put it in yourself if you use Rich Text. If you have a problem with your cut, please let a mod know. You can edit an LJ cut once the post appears.

Stories and/or art must appear online for the first time on the challenge date. Once the work is opened on the reveal date, you are welcome to re-post it anywhere else you like. We request that if possible you also upload it yourself to the Many Paths to Tread Archive . If not, one of the moderators will post it there within a few weeks.

If you have any questions, please contact the moderators, ceshaughnessy, dreamflower02, dawn_felagund or ysilme.
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